Theater of Dreams:Creativity at its peak 2

Hey guys today I’m going to be writing on about being creative and what it can lead us to in our lives.

Previously I talked about aliyu being creative all the way and ended up being successful. If you haven’t checked it out,try to check it out and share with your friends.

Today I will be talking about someone else but that will be later in the story.

First of all we all know everyone is creative, everyone is different, everyone has a different role to play In this world. If you don’t do what you are meant to do the world would have lost something or someone who would have made the world a better place positively.

Surely life gets tougher everyday, we tend to overcome obstacles that comes our way Which leads to a destination we don’t expect. But it’s on one condition, if you are ready to sacrifice what you have to sacrifice to overcome the obstacles.if you don’t want to sacrifice what you have to sacrifice perhaps the obstacles will be there for a long period of time and you might be thinking you have overcomed it but Nah you will met in the future trust me I’m talking from experience.

Secondly if you are not actually happy with what you are doing then just leave it it’s not worth doing that’s if you can, but in some cases you can’t leave it, you just have to keep pushing, lucky for you the interest might come someday. I actually left something I really love because the people teaching me were no actually really serious about it but I was not soo good after I left but anyways there are more opportunities I pray. 

There is this feeling you get when you are doing what you want to do,what you have dreamed of doing,what you have hoped all your life to do, that feeling keeps you motivated,believe it or not it’s a good feeling. Try to work on it like it’s your only chance to survive and finally trust God it will be Great!

Okay now to the sweet gist. I want to talk to you about a Nigerian who actually low-key changed my perspective a little. I got this news form you can check it out later I’m going to share the link🔗  below . 

This man’s name is Samuel Ajiboyede, a tech enthusiast and an entrepreneur. He had passion for tech and entrepreneurship during his days as a director of a software and teleco company he resigned as a director from a reputable company  to pursue his dreams. 

After some educational pursuit he then created a tricycle also know as (keke)  online platform which is called MATTATU just like the uber. You can request a ride from form your mobile phone to your house at a very cheap and affordable pride instead of taking the risky motorcycles. During rain fall you can easily request a mattatu to your home, enter it then lucky enough, it has a cotton just like a glass in a car which you can slide through to avoid side attractions. Makes life easier for people who can’t afford higher transportation,enter it and enjoy your ride P.S it’s also safe. Isn’t it better? 

 The thing about it is that he made it simple in a very different way since there are competitions with the uber,smart ride, taxify etc. He tried to be creative in a much simpler way after all In India which is even more populated that Nigeria their second most used transportation is the tricycle in which almost an average living household owns one.

This man man has also created other interesting softwares too but this is the beginning of his success I pray. 

There issues with the state banning tricycles in the future but his intelligent reply makes everything look fine 

Read below 

 so what point am I trying to make here, just do what you have to do, try to do what makes you happy,what you feel you can do that makes sense and has more chance of approach and applications also pray and trust God.

It’s not by what you think only, but by what you haveamd  how you can apply it. 

Thank you for taking your time to read and here is the link to read more on him. Drop your comments on this and and be sure to share with a friend thank you and God bless you!   

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STRUGGLES OF THE STREET: Be optimistic 1:-


We are all lucky to wake up in the morning hoping for something great to come our way,most of us all struggle for greatness.The ironical thing is that somepeople don’t,they get it on a platter of gold,no stress it just come to them easily.But some have to struggle for it.No matter what you do you will have a bIt of struggle to do. 

Everyone was created to accomplish something

I probably heard something a few years back that 

 If you don’t struggle for something it won’t last.

Hustle Is the key word.Even the rich hustle The less privileged hustle,if you hustle hope and pray everything will be fine.

I want to explain something In a more Relatable sense kindly read and enjoy,

when you were young your parents expects you to be a glorious child. You started beginners School,your parent did everything they can to make you survive. At primary school you probably didn’t know shit, you did your thing as you like,your grades didn’t really matter all you wanted was to take first position only one person took the first position but since your results were okay and your parents didn’t say nothing it was fine.

When you entered secondary school or high school the struggle started your parents be ringing the alarm to your ear what do you want to be in future?thoughts that comes to your brain is becoming a doctor,lawyer engineer etc especially in an African home. The struggle hasn’t hit you at the beginning, then,your grades were normal,not to bad not too good your friends passed extremely well you wonder why you don’t do well not knowing your friends had tutors and all studying day and night but at school he doesn’t advice you to do so,(but it’s not it’s fault if he were to advise you you wouldn’t listen anyways it’s a two way thing)you keep being his friend but you never know how he comes out tops.Time passes things has been fairing maybe you have been doing great at school or normal or very bad I wouldn’t say. 

You are in the senior secondary school the struggle hit you hard already, your grades weren’t making sense, the thought of you being a professional in your career started to shake,but you keep doing your thing and it’s still not making sense, on the other side your friend keeps beating his/her grade up coming out tops,very dedicated. You try to be dedicated but it’s not that easy you keep trying hoping for the best but still it’s not working out you become depressed and all frustrated and you tried your general certificate Exams,you failed then the tension at home increases, you become scared,thinking how you would cope with your main Final Exam,your future might be at stake, you become low-key depressed if you passed lucky you kudos! Your Final mock exam came you failed again. Then all you plans starts to shake you always thinking you wouldn’t be able to do the course you wanted to apply for at the University.Finally your final exams came you find your way out read all what you can,did all what you can,you prayed like no tomorrow like it depends on your life.Results came out you failed, your friends passed then you feel empty already,your parents don’t have money for another exams you are just there now you come back to your senses then start thinking of what to do finally you became a demoralized.Your friends who had the money to retake, took the exams again and passed you are just there feeling dead already. 

You believe you would be successful, you knew you could still do something out of nothing,you believed in yourself you knew you could beat all odds.Finally you figured things out,started a small business,you Hustled like never before, you were doing fine, suddenly it was you here and there.You were known every where already. Your business was international.

Later on you were thinking school wasn’t meant for you not that if you had gone through the school the way you did with your busnesss would be successful notwithstanding but not knowing Also that even if you had gone either way you would be successful it just depends on your approach to things, apparently you put more effort in your business Than your school, you prayed on your business more than you did to your school because you knew it was your last hope.

What I’m trying to say here is that, it doesn’t matter how you go about it,if you are going to make it you will just depends on your approach to life and always make things that you are doing worth it,make it feel like its your only hope. As my friend will say Hustle like never before don’t let your ancestors be annoyed with you. 

Last last we will be alright.

Thank you for reading I really appreciate it 

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Hey guys thank you for taking your time to read the previous post, I hope your read this through and I hope you like it. 

Everyone has been rejected at somepoint,but being rejected doesn’t fully define us or does it? 

The main reason why people get rejected is just about choices,but someone’s thought on you or your life doesn’t determine who you actually are. it’s either you keep trying to improve your self or you just need to switch up to another person or another level or likewise that level doesn’t befit you enough.

The saddest news now adays is that when people get rejected at something they tend to leave immediately,they don’t look back but  trust me it’s not as easy as it seems,being rejected is a very painful thing but I tell you what, when you are rejected there is something,a nicer thing is  coming your way to be very honest.

Patience is the next key after rejection,never try to stop exploring you might find a better thing or lucky for you you might find the best in yourself.

Everything takes time,sometimes we get rejected by people who don’t want you or some group of people.Then lucky for you you might find out that you are better alone than to be with people who don’t need you or otherwise you might find a group of people who will make you explore more than you could ever imagine 

A saying goes thus 

When rejected at somepoint and you know you seriously worked hard for it,just know it isn’t really meant for you,try something new relating to the the previous thing you wanted to do and trust God it will be good.

I want to tell a quick Relatable story,I made it In a dialogue format to make it interesting yunno 😀

Blessing: No, no. Stop saying that, Ayo. Things will get better.

Ayo: Eyys aunty, hold it. The both of us know how I took part in the 3 days fasting last week just in anticipation of good news this week but arriving the university, Bayo told me not to stress because of all the lists posted, my name isn’t there. We both know how I don’t joke with food and …

Blessing: Just chill.

Ayo: Blessing pleaseeeee let me finish. Now, that good for nothing girl that graduated school just three months ago is making plans to shop and do all that because she gained admission and if I’m not missing counts Blessing, this is my fourth. Hehe, my fourth year trying ooo and still not a success. My mom called me two days ago and said she will stop sending me money because she’s tired and I can understand.

Blessing !!! What will your friend do oo ?

And funny enough it’s not like school brings money these days oo. I’m just trying to get an admission so that people around can respect me and stuff but this chain my village people are using get as e be. 

Blessing: Hmm babe, all will be well okay ? Just chill and keep trying. I believe God is up to something on this your matter. Ayo Ayo, my future lawyer with the bad ass shape.

Ayo: *laughs* Okay o, thank you sha. Can you please help me with that paper you found that has the numbers of our classmates ? Let me see if I can get through to anyone as I am bored like this.

*On the phone with Sharon*

Ayo: Hellooooooooo. *laughs*

Sharon: Hey there, who am I speaking with please ?

Ayo: It’s me Adebowale Ayomide from MDSS.

Sharon: What ?! Ayo ? Omg I feel like slapping you. After saying you won’t lose your number yen yen yen…

Ayo: *laughs* Omo my phone got stolen oo then the new one I got came with a free sim. I have missed you so much dear. What has been happening with you ?

Sharon: Hmm baby girl, I gained admission that same year we graduated secondary school to study Accounting and I will be done in 2 months. How about you my dear ? I was low key wishing we could exchange results at that time *laughs*. But then you read a whole lot so yeah, you deserved it.

Ayo: Actually Sharon, I’m yet to gain admission babe and I returned few hours ago from where I went to check my name on the admission list and my name still didn’t come out despite my efforts. Please let’s not talk about it because I’m over the news already and trying to be positive.

Sharon: What ?! Oh damn ! Wait a minute. Do you still want to model ? I remember how you used to be mad over it.

Ayo: Of course, I am but I lack connections so.

Sharon: OMG … Ayo ! My aunt works with this agency and they’re in need of a model for a shoot in L.A next month. Are you down for it ?

Ayo: Hey hey, this bad better not be one of your crazy ass pranks; I’ll slaughter you.

Sharon: Damn, you know what ? I’ll text you my aunt’s number now. 


In conclusion, Ayo got signed, travelled for the shoot in L.A and became a super model.

I’m sorry to have bored you with a story like this but then, it’s just a way of proving that often times, REJECTION IS A REDIRECTION. 

This means that when you keep failing at something, it is a sign you are not supposed to tread that way which in other words mean that you should try something else.

So to be very honest most people have one or two stories relating to this I personally know someone who was rejected at something then tried something else relating to the samething, then boom it was worth trying.At first it was not easy accepting to the fact that he was rejected. Soo many stories like Sylvester Stallone, denzel Washington, Dwayne Johnson etc even the creator of whatsapp was rejected by Yahoo and facebook when he applied for a job then later tried something else relating to it we all know how whatsapp is now and was later sold to the owner of facebook.

Funny how life Is, one straight road doesn’t lead to a destination different path does.

Let’s just hope we all have the patience to overcome our struggles.

Let’s kindly share this till it reaches the person who needs this and I hope it does.

Thank you for taking your time to read through I hoped you like it.

Thank you and God bless you. 

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Theatre of Dreams:          Creativity at its peak 1:

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If you don’t chase your dreams,they will be around your death bed blaming you why you didn’t hunt them. 

Your theatre of Dreams is you,your imagination,what you think about,what you believe you can do to make the world a better place. Don’t be a dead guy doing the same lame shit you do everyday apply whatever you can apply p.s that’s good tho to your everyday life to make it a positive life. Negativity is one of the greatest thing you can bring you down.

There is a saying that goes like this

if you can think it you can create it.

Nothing is impossible apart from God related things.To be very honest it’s not easy to actually do some stuffs, to be dedicated it’s not just by saying I will be dedicated,mehn I tell you something I have been trying all my life to be dedicated one 💯  but Nah mehn it’s a gradual process it take’s time and I believe time is everything.

Your dreams leads to a destination you can never imagine I repeat never imagine.

There is a story of a young Hausa Nigerian man who had aspirations in the designs of car.He was a very creative boy according to stories and stuffs.Right from childhood he sketchs and designs prototypes,to cut the long story short.He got admission to a university in Nigeria so he figured that their syllabus wasn’t what he wanted so he transferred to a polytechnic school then suddenly he got schorlaship to go abroad.when he was in Nigeria he was actually studying architecture then when he got abroad he decided to study automobile design/drawing. He actually had passion for it, so later on he had one of the best final year project which some companies decided to employ him As usual se what he said at his interview below

Everyone is just creative is everyway.Also that’s the thing everyone is meant to look up to, one of the greatest thing that will make you happy is knowing what you are able to do best. It will help you reach destinations yoi can never imagine.

 Just imagine how being creative leads you to. Let me burst your brain you know what? Mr Aliyu above, he Was The first man to design the presidential  electric car of GM Motors and they didn’t even bother asking about is CV or stuff what they care about is WHAT CAN YOU DO. Now you see application is life to know something is a different thing,to understand is a crazy thing finally to be able to apply it is the sweetest thing take it or leave it. Google on said and I quote they don’t care how many certificate you hold or something what they care about is Can you do it?. 

Finally I believe everyone is born to do something special just like the way our Fingerprints are different that’s how our imaginations are different from one another,it now depends on you how you will act towards your creativity to make the world a better place using your creativity for good things not the other way round. It is actually not easy to know what you are good at but when you keep trying I bet you will get there soon.just work and pray everything will be good. 

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Ease is a more threat to progress/success than hardship  

Hey guys it’s another post tho I hope you guys enjoyed the previous post thank you for your views and taking your time to read it, I really appreciated it. 

So about what I’m trying to make us understand is that being positive about things brings about positive results no matter what and seeing things from the positive side of life brings about happiness to us.As we all know when most people fail at stuffs, then they just back–off immediately after just one failure, we should not relent in anything we do because we wouldn’t know if it would lead us to a great success. See it from this view if something is not worth trying why the hell did you start in the first place. 
Let me give an example

If you were asked to complete a project you were not paid to do,i can Bet you that after you tired doing the project and you it keeps getting difficult to be very honest you are going to leave it. But on the other side if you were going to be paid a huge amount of money on that same project,guess what?  You will look for every possible way to complete the project or won’t you?

It’s not all about the money tho I just used money as an example.This actually relates to our life pattern every single thing has a price, if the price of success is hardwork mehn you have to pay it because if you don’t pay it you won’t get it.Even people who are lazy pay the price of thinking on how to make things easier for them to be done.

Always remember Everything has a price. 

Denzel Washington once said

fall down 7 get up 8

His life as an actor didn’t just come so easy like that,he started as a garbage man at 12,just to go to high school,went to the University failed he was politely advised to go on a break.Then later went  auditioning he failed,failed,failed and failed but do you know what?

If you hang long around  a barbershop one-day you will soon get an hair cut.

 later on he got a role at the place he first audition and since them boom he went on becoming  great. 

No matter how long or how bad you have failed remember Three things

1)Why you started 

2)How it would eventually change your life if you end up being successful 

3)If you quit then it’s worth not starting at all.

If something you are doing is so easy that you don’t even stress one bit to attain it I tell you mahn it’s not worth it trust me later on it would get boring. Try  leaving your comfort zone,try new things everyday,i bet you it would worth it. Switch up on things that don’t make you happy leave them they don’t worth your time,energy and sweat. Leave toxic people and you will feel you have taken a great step.

Thank you for taking your time to read it. I hope everything works out fine for you. You could also check out my previous post. Like and comment they keep me going fine thank you and God bless you Amen. Be sure to watch out on the next post I bet It will Better this.

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Inspirational Mondays

post Hey guys this is my first post and I hope you guys like it, Enjoy.  

Mornings: we all wake up in the morning, probably feeling sad,happy,exicited,weak,tired anyways we always wake up having at least of of this feeling.

So what am I trying to say here is that we should let the positive vibe reign in our lives, Beacause waking up with a bad thought or bad vibe will do nothing but to just ruin the plans we have through out our day,Also starting with a bad impression on something or have a bad impression on someone doesn’t really make things go smoothly it just tends to make things squiggly at one point but having a positive thought to something boosts your commitment towards something.

Let me give an example of how Bad thought ruin everything: it’s just like entering the examination Hall fully prepared, then the invigilator shares the examination question paper then asks you to start.On check the question you got scared and told yourself mahn I’m failing this exam not even trying to attempt it to see if you will be able to solve the question, but with the mindset you gave you won’t be able to solve it even if you could, and then your spoilt the whole thing. You end up failing the exam and blaming it on yourself. 

This actually relates to our life experience. If we have a positive mindset to things I bet you 85%of your life will be good by God’s Grace. What I believe is that everyone was born to do something great.We can’t just be here for nothing we have to just keep doing what’s right,pray to God Hope for the best and never give up.

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